Does Medicaid Cover Cataract Surgery – Medicaid Vision Benefits

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Does Medicaid Cover Cataract Surgery – Medicaid Vision Benefits – If you have a big question like does Medicaid cover cataract surgery, you are landing on the right site. As we know that, Medicaid is the health program available for U.S. citizens. It provides the medical benefits for the low-income people with no medical insurance and not enough medical insurance.

The federal government provides the general guidelines if you want to join the program. Of course, the requirements and benefits of Medicaid depend on each state, including the vision benefits in Medicaid.

Does Medicaid Cover Cataract Surgery

Medicaid Eligibility With Federal Poverty Guidelines

To be eligible for the Medicaid benefits, it is all about the income requirements. Each state may have different regulation when it comes to the income requirements. Generally, they follow the federal poverty guidelines. The one who issued the guidelines is the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

For example, in 2017, the federal poverty guidelines are 25 % higher for those who are living in Alaska. Meanwhile, it is 15% higher for those who are U.S. citizens. It does not mean that those with low income are eligible to get Medicaid benefits. In fact, many poor Americans cannot get the coverage from the program. The key is to get the Medicaid coverage; they must meet the eligibility requirements.  “Does Medicaid cover cataract surgery” and “what are the eligibility requirements?” are the common questions. You can ask it to the Medicaid office in your state.

The Medical Benefits Under Medicaid

Those who are eligible to get Medicaid can get some medical benefits. You can get the health services, eye disease treatment, and other vision benefits as below:

  1. Stay in a hospital (Except mental disease institutions)
  2. out-patient hospital care in certain clinics
  3. Laboratory services as well as x-rays
  4. Physicians’ services
  5. Dentist for medical and surgical services
  6. Health screenings for individuals under 21 years old
  7. Certain home health services
  8. Care during and after the pregnancy

In fact, Medicaid is able to pay the cost of the services above immediately to the care providers. They do not give the cost to the Medicaid recipients. If you are eligible to get Medicaid benefits, they may ask you to pay a co-payment. They can ask it when they provide the medical service.

Medicaid Vision Benefits

The vision benefits are available for children under 21, such as lenses, eye exams, and eyeglass frames. The benefits are under the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) program. The frequency of these services depends on each state.

For adults, many states provide the similar vision services. Some states also offer glaucoma screening to detect the common eye disease. It is important to know the serious damage to the eye’s optic nerve. In addition, it can cause a permanent vision loss.

Does Medicaid Cover Cataract Surgery? Since cataract clouding the natural lens of the eyes, it is a medical condition. Therefore, Medicaid can cover the portion of the cost to do the cataract surgery. In another word, Medicaid does not cover the cataract surgery completely.

We suggest you call Medicaid agency in your state. It helps you know the eligibility requirements. You can also find the vision benefits to offer. Alternatively, you can visit the website.

Description: Does Medicaid Cover Cataract Surgery? Medicaid covers the cost of cataract surgery, but they will not cover it completely. Learn their vision benefits here. Also, you can visit great article and

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